Measure Masters is internationally recognized for providing accurate measurements with detailed CAD drawings for the real estate industry. With more than 30 years in the business and 8 offices spanning across Canada, Measure Masters has both the scale and expertise to service all clients, big and small, throughout the Canada.

We work together with

Developers & Home Builders

We offer Scaled drawings and/or CAD files for quotation purposes facilitating repairs, renovations, or expansions to commercial and residential properties.

Property Managers & Landlords

Our detailed floor plans are incredibly helpful for marketing rental properties. They can also be converted to valuable evacuation and fire protection plans.

Architects, Designers & Space Planners

We provide high-quality accurate CAD files for space planning and renovations.


Our site plans and engineered drawings are utilized in acquisition of building occupancy permits.


Our highly detailed blueprints help showcase rentable areas within your building. Accurate floor plans can simplify record keeping. Additionally, Measure Masters can provide regular updates to keep files current.


Detailed floor plans are an essential marketing tool for Real Estate. We can provide BOMA insured measuring and accurate as-built floor plans for all of your MLS listing & brochures.

Samples of our work

*Plan format, depth of scope and range of services may vary by office.

Our valued clients