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Laser measured floor plans are critical for all real estate projects.

At Measure Masters™ we offer a full range of building measurement services so your organization can have the tools it needs to make the best informed decisions. 

We use accurate laser measurements to design as-built floor plans and existing condition surveys. Our professionals survey complex structures, layouts and interiors, and create highly detailed accurate floor plans. Our plans are delivered in AutoCAD DWG and PDF formats giving you the ability to conveniently view projects across multiple devices. 



Our experience, tools and measuring techniques offer more precise measurements than our competitors.

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Certified as-built floor plans

Elevation Plans

MLS Floor Plans For Real Estate Listings & Marketing

Site Plans & Building Measurement


Drafting Services

Square footage analysis

Architectural Plans & Blueprints

BOMA & lease measurement standard & analysis

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Real estate listings

Accurate and reliable floor plans are a valuable marketing resource. They greatly assist buyers in visualization of space and increase sales opportunities. We can provide laser measured CAD floor plans for all of your MLS listings.

Websites & brochures

We deliver floor plans in AutoCAD DWG and PDF formats giving you the ability to conveniently view projects across multiple platforms allowing your organization to get the most out of your project.

Management tenant tracking

Asset and facility managers require highly detailed drawings of individual tenant areas. Accurate floor plans simplify record keeping. Additionally, we can provide regular updates to keep files current.

Rennovation & Construction plans

Scaled drawings and/or CAD files are used by Architects and interior space planners for quotation purposes facilitating repairs, renovations, or expansions to commercial and residential properties. Our drawings are also utilized in acquisition of building occupancy permits.

Fire protection & evacuation plans

Local fire departments often require detailed, well displayed diagrams denoting the locations of fire exits and fire fighting equipment in all commercial buildings. These plans can also be converted to evacuation plans that are required to be posted throughout the building.

Appraisal, tax assessment & insurance

An accurate floor plan can validate the value of your property by demonstrating additional pertinent details the may otherwise be overlooked.

Proud members of BOMA since 1995

We use the most up-to-date BOMA Measurement guidelines to create a detailed square footage analysis.

Floor plans and accurate square footage calculations can drive major decision making from operations, leasing and ultimately investment sales. 

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