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Various resources  and links are available based on your needs

  • Spy-ware, Ad-ware, Virus-ware
  • Office Viewer
  • CADD related free ware
  • Easy converter

Ad-ware:     http://www.lavasoftusa.com/
                      (click "free download- Ad-Aware  SE Personal)


                    simply go to http://snipurl.com/96mb

Free Anti-Virus

Spy ware

CADD related:

Raster to Vector convertor :   http://wintopo.com/

To view the cadd (dwg) file :

You can't open the cadd (dwg) file unless you have the specific software and time to study how it operates. If you wish to extract some specific data, such as the length of a particular wall, the width of a door opening or perhaps the thickness of a wall, we suggest that you experiment with this freeware program:


You do have to fill out a form but they do not send unwanted email. The file is about 60 Mb. There is also a Software Prerequisite Package of 95 Mb that needs to be installed. Unfortunately the font format sometimes goes a little wacky compared to the pdf file we have sent you because there is no choice in font styles. One of the most useful features is the "Measure Distance". Click on a small ruler icon located immediately under the TOOLS menu. This will open a small window called Measure Distance. Carefully place your cursor over the intersection of a line gently move the mouse until an x appears. Click at the x and then move the mouse along the length (or width) of a structure, then perform the second click  and the read-out will display the linear distance in the window. Right click to release the measuring line and then select another structure. Also try using the mouse wheel for zooming affect. Printing takes a bit of time to learn but we did provide the pdf for exactly that purpose



Open Office Suite (freeware) for those that are anti-MicroSoft
This includes a PDF Maker.


Cute PDF-free





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